Reviews of Public Policies and Young People

Youth Policy Reviews

We assess the impact of public policies—policies pertaining to young people and not only specific youth policies—on the rights of all young people.


Online learning on youth

We built an open-source learning environment for the upcoming M.A. on European Youth Studies – a community of discourse, inquiry and practice.

Academic reader on youth studies

Reader on Youth Studies

We facilitated the production of and co-authored the introductory chapter for an excellent academic reader on youth studies – with a commons license.

Autonomous, impartial and non-partisan evaluations

External evaluations

We conduct autonomous, impartial and non-partisan evaluations of projects, programmes and policies in the youth field for organisations and institutions.

Learning to learn, a key competence for lifelong learning.

Learning to learn

We supported the research team, led by the University of Innsbruck, of a large-scale project on learning to learn, a key competence for lifelong learning.

Non-formal education, a main pillar of the youth field.

Non-formal education

We use, debate, defend, question and research non-formal education – despite its fuzzy definition one of the main pillars of the youth field.