The state of youth policy in 2013

The state of youth policy

In 2014, we published the second report on the global state of youth policy. Which countries have one, which countries don't?

The England Riots: One Year On

The England Riots

A year on from the England riots, we investigated what life is like for young people in England and what impact the riots have had on policy making.


Youthpolicy Community

We are developing a youth policy portal and community at youthpolicy.org, aiming to consolidate knowledge and information on youth policies.

Reviews of Public Policies and Young People

Youth Policy Reviews

We assess the impact of public policies—policies pertaining to young people and not only specific youth policies—on the rights of all young people.

Youth participation models

Youth participation

Youth participation in its various forms and shapes is central to our work, and we contribute to concepts and theories for both policy and research.

Trainings on youth policy

Youth policy trainings

We organise tailored workshops, semi­nars and trainings on youth policy for governmental and non-governmental organisations and networks alike.