A Day in Europe

Short stories about Europe, one day at a time, that are different from the usual reporting & commentary.


Youth Media Days

Young journalists from across Europe report beyond borders on European issues.

Demokratie ist lustig

Choiceless & voiceless?

Non-voters are mystified, ignored, and blamed for our democracies coming undone. We wanted to know why.

Trainings on youth media and minority rights

LGBT youth and media

We facilitate trainings on youth media and minority rights, such as this study session “Media works” on LGBT youth and using the media.

A reader and training on public relations

PR in action

Public relations, the outlawed pariah, synonymously used to mean manipulation… We organised a training and made a reader on it anyway.

Workshops zu Grundlagen der Moderation

Moderieren lernen

Wir haben junge Europainteressierte in Zusammenarbeit mit der Schwarzkopf-Stiftung in die Grundlagen der Moderation eingeführt.