Generation Crisis. One crisis, one problem, one Europe – one solution?

Call for Participants! Application Deadline: 8 March 2016

Discussing. Understanding. Reporting.
More than half of all young people seeking employment cannot find decent work in many countries in the South of the European Union. Despite considerable political effort this trend that remains persistent, and now is shifting to the East and North. As youth unemployment turns from a “skills gap” issue into a problem that affects every young person, including those with university degrees, we begin to see the repercussions: the support for the European Union wavers, the votes for Eurosceptics rise, and an entire generation’s belief in the value and relevance of the European idea begins to crumble. Against this backdrop, we want to pick up the debates that are happening across the continent, across the political spectrum, and across generations. What impact does the EU crisis have on the lives of young Europeans? Why is the media discourse so lopsided? Why is a Union as wealthy as ours not able to provide its young people with a prospect of employment?

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