Which countries have a national youth policy?

In our 2014 report on the state of youth policy, we documented that 122 of 198 countries (62%) have a national youth policy, up from 99 (50%) in 2013. Across all continents, 37 states (19%) are either developing a new or revising their current youth policy, down from 56 (28%) in 2013. 31 countries have no national youth policy at the moment (16%), down from 43 (22%) in 2013. Of those, 14 are in Africa, 9 in Asia, 5 in the Americas, and 3 in Europe.

We also made most of the existing national youth policies as well as drafts for youth policies under revision available for access and download at http://www.youthpolicy.org/nationalyouthpolicies/, where we maintain the most comprehensive global overview of national youth policies.

Read the full overview of the state of youth policy, and access the detailed list of national youth policies.