We are, with initial support from the Open Society Foundations, developing a global youth policy portal and community at youthpolicy.org, aiming to consolidate knowledge and information on youth policies.

We understand youth policies as policies pertaining to young people’s rights and realities that range across the entire policy cycle – from analysis and policy formulation to policy implementation and evaluation. The portal seeks to address and reflect the variety of actors in the broad field of youth policy, from youth work practitioners and youth researchers to youth policy makers and youth activists.

Youthpolicy.org will feature a knowledge repository and an online community, allowing youth policy actors from across the globe to share and access information, to interact and exchange, to discuss and co-operate. The site will depend on its own community of volunteers, ranging from administrators to practitioners, from researchers to policy makers.

Watch the portal grow at http://www.youthpolicy.org!

Youthpolicy Community and Knowledge Base at youthpolicy.org

Screenshot of youthpolicy.org | Photo by D & D