Academic reader on youth studies(M.A. EYS), offered and accredited by a European university consortium, will carry 120 ECTS and so qualifies its graduates for moving on to a Ph.D. academic or professional programme in social sciences, humanities or educational science.

The M.A. EYS Curriculum Development Project, between 2009 and 2011 funded by the EU Lifelong Learning Programme, is developing a transnational and intercultural postgraduate degree in interdisciplinary European youth studies.

We built the website introducing the upcoming M.A. and the online learning environment, contributed to the curriculum development process, supported the visual design development, co-facilitated the 2011 Short Course—which produced a number of excellent essays, videos, discussions, reflections and conversations—and oversaw the production of the excellent academic reader on youth studies.

Download the pdf-version of the—creative-commons-licensed—reader, and visit the website of the M.A. European Youth Studies to learn more.

The Academic reader on Youth Studies