Back in 2004, we facilitated a study session focusing on critically working with media in order to lobby a full and fair participation and visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth in society. The study session developed tools to eradicate forms of discrimination faced by LGBT youth and trained participants in applying those tools, using media as the main facilitator, and successfully contributed to the fight against racism, intolerance and all forms of discrimination.

The study session facilitated an exploratory exchanges on how to develop strategies for an inclusive media policy for LGBT and minority youth, and made a valid contribution to the fight against social exclusion of young people. The study session also supported LGBT youth in gaining access to and using the media as the fourth power of democratic societies.

The specific objectives of the study session were to:

  • identify how written and visual media reports on LGBT issues from the participants’ personal and organisational experiences;
  • improve media skills in order to ensure a fair image of sexual minorities and to overcome stereotypes and prejudices fostered by media in society at large;
  • understand the concept of lobbying through media and to identify examples of good practice herein;
  • develop knowledge and skills on how to lobby and create room for change in society with the help of media.

Find the info pack for participants here » 2004, pdf, 400 KB.

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