We facilitated a staff training of information officers at their annual meeting of colleagues from the various national agencies of the Youth in Action Programme. They are – in part-time or full-time positions, and with different strategies, approaches and priorities – responsible for information, public relations, and marketing. The specific functions and expectations projected on the role of an information officer vary greatly from agency to agency.

Those staff trainings mostly serve a trifold purpose: exchange among and networking between colleagues, information from and feedback to the SALTO Information Resource Centre and the European Commission, and training on aspects related to information. In this specific case, the training component focused on public relations.

For the training, we developed a 30-page reader looking at the history of public relations and various definitions, at public relation tools and external pr-campaign examples, and public relations skills and practice.

Find the reader “Public Relations in Action. Managing the spin.” here » 2008, pdf, 4 MB.

Featured image by Alexander Franke at youthmedia.eu.