Our rationale:

Theories and concepts of youth policy are often broad and generic – too wide-ranging and unspecific to be operationalised for a programme or project. We regularly run training sessions and workshops for organisations to introduce the concepts and practices of youth policy, to explore ways in which these concepts and practices relate to an organisation and its work, and to explore overlaps and areas of synergy between the various models, understandings of and approaches to youth policy.

Two examples:

(1) In 2012, we were involved in the development of a training course on youth policy making based on evidence and participatory principles under the auspices of the Youth Partnership. The course aims to support actors—from organisations, institutions and public administrations—involved in the implementation of youth policy at regional, national and international level.

(2) In 2010, we ran a training for the Youth Initiative of the Open Society Foundations, introducing the Open Society Network to the complex web of relationships between non-governmental and international institutional actors with programs run for, by, and with young people that is commonly referred to as the international youth sector.

Further reading:
  • Youth and youth policy. » 2010, pdf, 40 KB.
    Notes for a script to facilitate an introductory workshop.
  • A first glimpse at the mysteries of youth policy. » 2010, pdf, 14 MB.
    Visual support for an introductory workshop.
  • Transversality of youth policy. » 2010, pdf, 50 KB.
    Overview of different youth policy frameworks.
  • New policy guideline: involve young people. » 2010, pdf, 140 KB.
    Ironic flowchart of youth policy development.

Featured image by Rosanna Sibora at youthmedia.eu.