Every two years in October, 120 participants from all over Europe meet to engage in a discussion about topics of global importance. 60 students as representatives of the younger generation are going to exchange information with scientists, politicians, economists and representatives of media.

Questions, opinions and expert contributions are going to be discussed beforehand on the web. These online activities also serve as a competition for the community to preselect those participants to be invited to Aachen to join the Science Parliament.

At the end of each biennial Science Parliament, the Aachen Declaration, elaborated by all members and afterwards, will be delivered to the EU as a recommendatory portrayal of opinions.

For the 2008 and 2010 editions of the Science Parliament, we coordinated the online and offline training and facilitation teams.

Find the 2010 Aachen declaration here » 2010, pdf, 2 MB.

Featured image by Jonas Fischer.