One focus of our youth training and youth work has traditionally been the question of European and global citizenship. We have run many training courses, workshops, seminars and modules on the topic, from a very quick introductory hour to very intense 10 days.

Building on our experience, we constructed a framework which we called the wheel of European citizenship. In our article introducing the wheel, we contended that non-formal youth work in the framework of the Youth in Action Programme actively constructs European Citizenship for, with and through value-based European communities of practice by facilitating intercultural learning and dialogue through projects based on the principles of youth work and non-formal education.

Through the wheel, we present five basic project characteristics (some of which are as intersecting and interrelated as the four themes necessarily are) for each of the four spheres (youth work, non-formal education, intercultural learning, and European citizenship) and hence put forward a set of twenty features for non-formal youth work projects on European Citizenship, visualised as the «Wheel of European Citizenship».

We suggest that the wheel may be used as a tool for project planning and, potentially, project management as well as an indicative instrument for the valorisation of project results.

Read the entire essay on the wheel of citizenship » 2007, pdf, 2 MB.